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LFN NETWORK is one of the world's leading film communities supporting the world's best creators. We are a network where creatives can learn, discover, and submit their work to be seen and screened. An alternative to major distributors that create impossible barriers for filmmakers and storytellers to leap over to be seen. We showcase and celebrate the art of filmmaking through the works of emerging and established creatives.

LFN Network was established in February 2, 2018 founded by Producer Gabriel Alexis with a mission to support creators through opportunities and inspire the world to believe in themselves.


In the past three years the platform has grown with over 500,000 talented creators who are passionate and ready to network.

Our community of creators will inspire you and push you to be best version of yourself. Remember, as creators we have to push ourselves every day.


We understand it can be hard to do it alone, so we are here to be part of your journey. You're more than welcome to join us. We are a family!